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Contact our licensed and insured company today to discuss how epoxy flooring can improve the appearance of your floor. With our epoxy coating system, you can get a beautiful floor without having to replace your existing flooring.


The type of flooring installed by our locally-owned company goes by many names including Poly Aspartic, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), Vinyl Ester, Urethanes, Acrylic, and Novolac Epoxy. The flooring types listed above may have different properties that affect its curing time, installation process, smell, chemical resistance, and wear properties. No matter the differences, we can install it.

When you choose to install an epoxy floor coating at your business, you'll have a variety of options available including multiple color and design choices. Whether you desire the clean look of light grey floors or want to be more adventurous by choosing decorative metallic flake flooring, you can depend on us to handle the installation. Contact us now for a FREE written estimate.


In addition, you can request that we install a high-build epoxy floor coating to level your floors, fill-in small voids, and cover spills. This product will eliminate the need to jackhammer or replace your floor.

• Heavy traffic protection

• No dusting

• Ease of cleaning and maintenance

• Increase light reflection

• Presents positive image to clients

• Avoid environmental impact issues

Epoxy Floor Coating


Flooring System


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